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Last updated: Friday July 19, 2024

Data is based on BBO events. I do not claim to have all boards. The estimated number of cheating pairs is based on the number of pairs exceeding a cheating metric established from volunteers deciding if a pair is cheating. For each NBO, the actual numbers are run. Almost certainly the number of actual cheating pairs is higher than the number shown as the cheating metric is high. The values for a minimum of 1,000 boards are shown first, there is another table with the values for a minimum of 500 boards as a partnership shown afterwards.

Threshold: 1,000 total boards as a partnership.

Country Number
of boards
Pairs with more
than 1,000 boards
Estimated number
of cheating pairs
Percentage (%)
Argentina (ABARG)513,89220231.49%
Australia (Virtual ABF Clubs)3,746,8121,813211.16%
Belgium (RBBF)207,8146346.35%
Denmark (Virtual DBF clubs)368,28412210.82%
England (EBU Games)1,653,914693101.44%
England (Virtual EBU Clubs)9,547,2025,597510.91%
France (FFB)2,595,044885849.49%
Germany (DBV)4,064,6771,596613.82%
IBEX (IBEX)412,08921641.85%
India (BFI)2,966,4861,096353.19%
Ireland (CBAI)7,221,2674,136390.94%
Israel (IBF)3,798,4261,738432.47%
Italy (FIGB)1,491,644620457.26%
Italian clubs16,914200.00%
Kenya (KBA)47,645500.00%
North Ireland (NIBU)824,93944530.67%
Pakistan 23,691800.00%
Poland 85,8033800.00%
Romania (FRB)33,874100.00%
Scotland (SBU)1,856,3401,09840.36%
South Africa (SABF) 2,040,6991,10660.54%
Slovenia 76,0013300.00%
Spain (AEB)781,83130792.93%
Sweden (SBB)215,6299933.03%
Switzerland (FSB)37,04611100.00%
Turkey (TBRIC)377,18911610.86%
US (ABA)1,298,38649420.40%
US (ACBL)67,897,38928,8785441.88%
US (VACB)60,512,50731,8813150.99%

I do not track who has been convicted in the different NBOs.

Data is updated daily.

An example is ACBL. This is a list of players they have convicted, or have resigned and where they appear (as of October 9, 2021) on this list:


Only seven of eleven of these pairs meet the higher threshold I use for the automated tools. At least four of them are outside this threshold, showing that there are likely more cheating pairs than in the list above.

Some smaller NBOs have fewer tables. This is the same data but with a threshold of 500 total boards. Remember this is an estimate; the estimate is not as accurate with fewer boards. I generally only use pairs with 1,000 boards but smaller NBOs have the ability to stop cheating earlier.

Country Number
of boards
Pairs with more
than 500 boards
Estimated number
of cheating pairs
Percentage (%)
Argentina (ABARG)513,892389102.57%
Australia (Virtual ABF Clubs)3,746,8123,356641.91%
Belgium (RBBF)207,81416684.82%
Denmark (Virtual DBF clubs)368,28428762.09%
England (Virtual EBU Clubs)9,547,2029,7671541.58%
France (FFB)2,595,0441,9931979.88%
Germany (DBV)4,064,6773,2711163.55%
IBEX (IBEX)412,089396153.79%
India (BFI)2,966,4862,088693.30%
Indonesia (IBA)24,230500.00%
Ireland (CBAI)7,221,2677,1301021.43%
Israel (IBF)3,798,4263,110852.73%
Italy (FIGB)1,491,6441,232856.90%
Italian clubs16,914600.00%
Kenya (KBA)47,6453400.00%
North Ireland (NIBU)824,93971791.26%
Pakistan 23,6912015.00%
Poland 85,8036500.00%
Portugal (FPB)3,251200.00%
Romania (FRB)33,8743133.33%
Scotland (SBU)1,856,3401,741100.57%
South Africa (SABF) 2,040,6991,688221.30%
Slovenia 76,0015811.72%
Spain (AEB)781,831655213.21%
Sweden (SBB)215,62918852.66%
Switzerland (FSB)37,04619315.79%
Turkey (TBRIC)377,189330175.15%
US (ABA)1,298,38692080.87%
US (ACBL)67,897,38945,2491,0902.41%
US (VACB)60,512,50751,3678511.66%
Wales (WBU)14,851100.00%
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