Spreadsheet Explanation

For many cases I provide a downloadable spreadsheet. This page provides details about the fields in those spreadsheets.

General column titles

Here are the explanations of some of the fields....


Opening lead.


Either Good - does not give up a card against double dummy (DD) or Bad.

N errs/S errs/W errs/E errs

The tricks on which this player made a double dummy error. If the field is blank, there are no errors. Multiple errors are separated with colons ":". For example, "5:10" means a double dummy error at trick 5 and trick 10.

Opps bid?

Set to 1 if the pair on lead made a bid. If set to 0, there was an uncontested auction.


Set to 0 (no double), 1 (double), 2 (redouble).

NS Slam/EW Slam

If the side can make a small slam, the declarer is followed by a lower case letter, for a grand slam an upper case letter. For example, "nDnhnnsDsh" means that North can take 13 tricks in diamonds, 12 tricks in hearts, 12 tricks in No Trump; South can take 13 tricks in diamonds and 12 tricks in hearts. This assumes double dummy play.


Double dummy analysis of all declarers/all contracts. Format is each suit - Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, No Trump, for declarers North, East, South, West. For example:


North can take 12 tricks in clubs, 4 in diamonds, 4 in hearts, 12 in spades, 8 in no trumps. East can take 1 trick in clubs, 9 in diamonds etc. etc.


OB is an abbreivation for the Opening Bidder.

Not all fields are in all spreadsheets. Anonymized data has fewer fields.