BBO Tournament IDs (TIDs)/time stamps

Bridge Base Online (BBO) uses a tournament ID (TID) to reference its events. The TID is a 10 digit number (TID_1) with a 1-5 digit additional number (TID_2). They are separated by a dash. Sometimes BBO puts the TID_1 first, sometimes at the end. These are the same TID:

The ten digit TID_1 is the number of seconds since January 1, 1970 known as the epoch. The epoch is a common start of time for UNIX based computer systems. To convert from/to epoch see .

The 1-5 digit TID_2 appears to be monotonically increasing with each new tournament and wraps arounds to 1 when it reaches 99999.


To see the travellers from a BBO tournament, use the URL:[TID]-

NOTE: There is a trailing "-" at the end of the URL, this MUST be added. Example:


To see the results from a BBO tournament, use the URL:

NOTE: There is no trailing "-" at the end of the URL! Example: